About Suffolk Sweet Tomatoes

Suffolk Sweet Tomatoes are grown in the quiet village of Bramford in the Suffolk countryside. We operate a modern glasshouse; our principles are to grow high quality, high flavour tomatoes in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way.

We strongly believe in natural lifecycles, and ensure we preserve, recycle and reuse all our natural resources such as water, energy, nutrients and light.

Our nursery has only been operational since December 2018, but our head grower Richard has been growing tomatoes since 1984, focusing on producing the highest quality, tastiest, speciality and premium tomato varieties.

Our Growing Method

All our tomatoes are both red tractor and LEAF certified.  We grow our plants in Coir (coconut fibre). This means we combat pests with beneficial insects, we combat disease with cultural techniques, friendly bacteria and bio sprays and we combat weeds by ground cover and simply weeding.

Sustainable Water Use

We capture all the rain that falls on our glasshouse, we harvest the condensation from inside the glasshouse and capture all drain water from the plants. The water is stored in a 61,000,000-litre reservoir, that ensures we don’t impact on our neighbours’ water supply and that we are 100% self-sufficient on water to nurture our crops.


Our crops are pollenated naturally using native British bumble bees, which when they have finished their working life are released into the deep hedgerows that surround our nursery, we manage our land to encourage diversity of flora and fauna and have large wildflower meadows where the bumble bees and solitary bees can forage.


We aim to only sell tomatoes using innovative and environmentally friendly, recycled and recyclable packaging and always with our tomato logo. We avoid the use of single use plastics in all our packaging, from field crates through to final pack. We encourage shops that sell our tomatoes to do the same.

Get In Touch

For more information about Suffolk Sweet Tomatoes you can contact us using the form below, call us on 01473 875052 or email us at enquiries@suffolksweettomatoes.co.uk

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